Monday, December 07, 2009

A Nairn Christian says

Received on another post today but as it reflects a thread of opinion on a recent matter it is worthy of a post in its own right perhaps?
A Nairn Christian says,
So money and who provides it for services, lies at the heart of the reason as to why the title ‘WINTERSONG’ replaced ‘Christmas songs.’
The enemy of your souls is truly subtle and full of wit as The Word of God describes him, eh. Wheels within wheels, machinations of an inscrutable kind favouring shadowy figures - i.e. ’THE DARK SIDE’ are at their undermining work. Who are these moles I wonder, men and women. The ‘Truth’, that much abused word, always defeats those who manipulate it, because like fire it is too hot to handle. Now there is material for a metaphysical poem. In conclusion and asking no quarter and granting none, I’ll say this (mindful of the Watching Lord of All), “To those who are ashamed of ME”, saith the Lord, “I will be ashamed of them!” Rise up ye men and women and children of God, have done with lesser things and remember the Lord who can end wars, control the weather, heal the sick, raise the dead, forgive all sins and cleanse your immortal soul is watching you as you read this comment and no matter how you regard it, will do HIS work in your heart. He said “I am where 2 or 3 are gathered together in MY NAME!“ If we do HIS WILL, HE will provide the funds.

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Let not the hatred of a people incite you to be unjust. (Koran 5:8)