Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feeling trees - you could be liable for prosecution!

More ward forum: Page 3 of the additional papers states:
All the trees in Tradespark Wood have Tree Preservation Orders and anyone found to be feeling trees would be liable to prosecution.
There is a serious side to that wee mistake and that is that folk have been spotted with chainsaws at the riverside and the Tradespark wood. The council doesn't want to see a free for all in these areas. They are concerned about public safety, vandalism and the effect on the ecology. Murd again wisely pointed out that there are legitimate activities regularly carried out by the landowner on one part of the riverside walks for people not to get confused between this and the activity mentioned in the Council papers. There seems to be a consensus however, that removing driftwood from the beach is an activity beneficial for everyone concerned.


I'm a tree hugger (and proud!) said...

Is feeling trees a big problem in Nairn? Is there a difference between feeling and hugging and am I safe from prosecution if I just give a tree a hug?

Tree Fella said...

Ask Murd,he will know.You could get lucky.?

chainsaw massacre said...

Do trees really have feelings?

Arborophile said...

We must protect trees from possible abuse by adults who come inot regular contact with them.

Anyone who visits or has contact with trees on a regular basis, and is likely to be in a position to feel them, should at the very least have a full CRB clearance, and be regularly vetted.

Public opinion, and the government, would expect no less!

Tree nursery said...

With the darker nights I keep my saplings safely inside, you can never be too careful these days