Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday night press review

'Anger over airport plan' is the front page spread. Where this anger is coming from and where it is going will be revealed in the morning for the price of 40p in a newsagent's or Co-op near you.  On this theme the APT are rejecting claims of 'hijacking' and the editorial again dips into the airport and APT and Council themes. You can't go far these days without those APT folk getting a mention. Murd is on the case with his observations on what could now happen to the path down to the riverside from Queenspark after  recent resurfacing work. Murd shows once again how citizens can raise their concerns effectively at community council meetings. There's lots more including a page of book reviews and all the usual.  
P.S. The River Community Council election result will be announced tomorrow night in the Couthouse. Danny Alexander M.P. announces his surgery to be held on Monday the 21st in the Community Centre.  Danny should easily get back in shouldn't he? He's behaved himself with his expenses and even a local nationalist admitted to the Gurn today that 'he seems to be getting things done.' He certainly isn't shy of commentating on issues, including last week telling the Holyrood government to get their finger out over the Sainsbury's decision. And where are the folk that want his job? If anyone wants to replace him they'd better start showing their faces in Nairn! Danny indeed looks as though he's going to walk it but politics is a funny game and nothing is ever certain. 

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