Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Scotrail preparing for a bad winter?

A large flock of redwings seen up the river today, the biggest for several years in this observer's opinion. A sign of a bad winter to come perhaps? Another potential sign of a bad winter was the sight of a triple header locomotive group going backwards and forwards on the railway bridge across the river Nairn. A large loco and on either end of it two of those black vehicles that sit on the periphery of the Inverness sidings sometimes and bear the legend 'Independent snow plough'. Sorry didn't get their numbers, maybe next time.


Maggie said...

redwings mean bad winter, really?

Is that an legend?

Graisg said...

I have heard it said Maggie but we rely a lot on our network of unreliable sources for information on the Gurn :-)

Anonymous said...

Just another consignment of"Blueberry
Muffins" destined for Regional Headquarters.With a pick up at Nairn,
for a Free Meal Ticket Collector.

All aboard lol.

Spin Fan said...

Nooooooooo......... It's the wrong kind of bridge!