Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday night local press review

‘Planners’ by-pass doubts’ is the front page headline in a major Nairn weekly newspaper. Could Sandy Park’s optimism that things might happen sooner rather than later be misplaced? Danny Alexander is urging the Scottish Government to get it over with and announce the result of the Sainsbury’s inquiry. Why the delay? Ye gods, could we be about to be abandoned to Co-op rule? – more details of this in your 40p treat in the morning. An advertisement for a tree preservation order, quite a large one. Pub-watch, wind farms, the usual incisive editorial, all the local sport and much more.


Anonymous said...

Most worrying aspect of the article in the Nairnshire is:
'The Nairnshire understands that there is now concern that the delay may imply refusal of the application.'
Carte blanche for the Co-op to do as they please with captive Nairn shoppers?

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that it may be the non-food units that are the cause of the delay. Will Sainsbury's be as keen to build a supermarket by itself , if that's all they are offered?

Stewart Stevenson MSP is at the bash in Copenhagen at the moment too, so what money no announcement until he returns , or possibly even into the New Year

Anonymous said...

Seen in school notes. The children are going to be taught to say please and thank you. Find that very very hard to accept. What ever happened to manners? Of course you usually learn from the example set by the adults around you ,so -------. Of course it has been known for certain adults in the local senior school to refuse to say thanks if, for example, a door is held open for them so maybe they are learning from their elders after all.