Monday, December 21, 2009

For Nairn, the shortest day just keeps getting better.

See below for posts of breaking sensational news for Nairn. Now it's the Beeb that has caught the Nairn good holiday vibes viral news story:

'A seaside town in the Highlands has been ranked in second place on a list of the world's top five "emerging" travel hotspots for next year. '

Gaelic even gets a mention, more here: 'Nairn in the Highlands in holiday destination top five'

And of course now the Daily Mail finding out about  a story first mention here in the Gurn one week ago :-)

'With visitors including Charlton Heston, Burt Lancaster and Charlie Chaplin as well as famous resident Oscar winner Tilda Swinton, the resort punches above its weight in terms of infamy.'

Infamy you say? Plonkers! We have a new slogan Gurnites. 'Nairn the town that punches above its weight in terms of infamy.' VisitScotland hold the front page! 

 Scottish coastal town of Nairn scoops coveted spot in 'top five world destinations for 2010'

It's all priceless, well done the VisitNairn team and Tilda too for talking up the benefits of our community! Nairn - best left to fight it's own corner?

(loads more on this and comments galore in two articles below)


Jingle Bells said...

Yes! the painting squad should definately stand down now,over the festive break.
I bet they are pleased?.

Nairnac said...

"Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it Infamy" - did Kenneth Williams never visit Nairn ?

Carry on Gurning.

growtosow said...

the social network scotsters have now got a thread on this. with some photos as well. so more pr for nairn could 2010 be a gid new year for nairn. some thing for us too think about.