Monday, December 21, 2009

Church Street Night Club appeal

News that will not be universally popular in Nairn. The Gurn hears from a Church Street resident that the controversial night club proposal is to be appealed by the applicant. Gurnites will remember that many town centre folk were concerned with the 350 head proposal and the desire for a licence to 3.a.m in the morning. Details of the refusal available here on this previous Gurn article. The article contained several comments that detailed arguments from both sides.


Nairnac said...

Although Nairnac's nightclubbing days are long past, the town definitely needs a decent nightspot for those who've still got all their hair and a desire for a boogie.

What would Nairn have been in the 80's/90's without the Shore Inn, Rockin Royal, Highland, Bundie, Regal/Martys etc. all of which hold cracking memories of raucous nights of discos and live music.

The Social Club, being firmly located in the Bermuda Triangle, can't be far out of the best location for one, given that the Stables, straight across the road, hosts various live music and karaoke nights, or if not the Social Club, what about the Ballerina ? If it once hosted the likes of The Who and Pink Floyd, then the precedent certainly exists.

Head Banger said...

I think the Vibes could make it collapse like a pack of cards.

growtosow said...

if nairn is going to be one of second most places to vist. we do need something like this not just for those who are visiting but locals as well need this. jobs etc entertainment but their is a fine line and a balance to find but i am sure all of this could be sorted out. nairn has too move with the times. but try and make it right for ever one young and old alike.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope the appeal is approved. Nairn really needs to wake up and acknowledge that there are some people below pensioner age living here and we need a facility such as a nightclub.
Planners in Nairn need to allow sensible changes and not allow themsleves to get shouted down by the same old voices

- Brian

Anonymous said...

The main issue is one that is not actually part of the technical side of the planning process but rather that of law and order issues. There have been some terrible incidents in this part of the town in recent years. Once people leave licensed premises then town center residents often suffer noise and vandalism. The councillors know this and that is why they turned the application down. What happens when 350 people come out of the club in the early hours? Will they behave? Church Street is a residential area - put a club up on the industrial estate!

growtosow said...

i seem too recall that the police did not go against this. on the first time it was put forward. or did i miss something?