Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sainsbury's decision due before Christmas

Sandy told the ward forum how he'd contacted the Scottish Government to find out was was happening over the Sainsbury's public inquiry decision. He told everyone that he'd been assured that they were working hard on the decision and it would be made available before Christmas.

Very soon then we will see something or nothing emerge out of the Co-op situation. William Gilfillan gave an update of his meeting with the Co-op on the 7th of December. It seems they had less reluctance to enter into that meeting than emerged from the discussion at the last ward forum. They were happy to talk about plan A still but not wanting to go into plan B scenarios. The meeting heard how William Gilfillan met with the Co-op gaffers and architects and thus whilst the Co-op look serious it is all hanging on the Sainsbury decision. Only then will we know one way or the other if the Co-op will go ahead and spend £6,000,000 on a new supermarket. The crunch is coming for both the Co-op and Sainsbury's.

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