Monday, December 14, 2009

Nairn to be one of the top international destinations of 2010?

Tucked away on a business page on the Star Telegram website (the Star seems to be a Texas based newspaper with an impressive web presence) is the following piece of information:
'TripAdvisor also forecast the top destinations for 2010 based on the types of searches and postings made on its Web site. In the U.S., Seward, Alaska, is the hot spot, followed by Hyannis, Mass., and Hot Springs, Ark. On the international list, Troncones, Mexico, and Nairn, Scotland, are the destinations that most are interested in traveling to.'
Here is the page where the information was posted so you can see the full context of the article. I wonder if anyone's bookings for next year are reflecting this?

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Investigative holly said...

Who on earth found that lol.

That is brilliant although it comes within the same section about Germs lol.