Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All hunky-dory - Sainsbury's inquiry back on track

See the previous post for full details of the problem. The afternoon session started a wee while after 13.45 as the Highland Council team met in a side room to discuss their difficulties. They returned to the inquiry hall to state that 'they did not intend to insist on a contribution.'
Great news Gurnites, the show then moved on with the applicant's transport witness getting a cross-examination from the Somerfield team and two River Park residents. It was the questions from the Reporter that seem to stir the Sainsbury bench into serious action however as they went searching for the documents and references that she was referring too. An interesting afternoon, hopeful for a success of course but great to see this part of the democratic process in action. Perhaps a few more notes later, perhaps not :-)

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Nairnac said...

Sainsbury's should certainly be pushed to contribute handsomely to the A96 pot. As Mr Anonymous states elsewhere, they're here for what they can get for Mr Sainsbury, not the good of Nairn. These guys are pro's at getting their own way, and I'm sure they can't believe their luck to apparently have the backing of the community here. That doesn't mean they should get off lightly. You need to play hardball in these situations(apologies for the corny management speak), and hopefully the Sandown application is a sign of a change in the planning processes here.