Monday, June 01, 2009

On the road again

In today’s P&J our MP Danny Alexander is crisitising the Scottish Government’s policy on road improvements or rather lack of them in the Highlands.
Of particular interest to Nairnites is a Nairn bypass, however in the article a spokesperson for the Government states that no new transport initiatives will be developed other than the Forth Road Bridge until 2017 at the earliest, if this policy remains it is likely to be over twenty years before Nairn sees a bypass.
With all the proposed new housing in the area our roads are going to get pretty busy.
Do we need a new transport strategy or do we just keep putting down new tarmac for more and more cars to fill?


Anonymous said...

Forgive the cynicism but I could've sworn our Convenor, in the Ward Forum Meeting last week, was making positive "there there, its all in hand we are speaking to the right people and we'll keep speaking to them", sort of noises about the Byepass. Am I right in thinking that this sort of anaesthetizing approach by our council worthies is what we witnessed over the Somerfield debacle - the patronising pat on the head and the we know what we are doing - approach. Look where that took us, years down the line and no further to settling anything. Planners tied up in knots over tiddly seeming complicated little issues which appear to be holding things up. The Co-op doing their own bit of patronising yet not giving any answers to the Planning Department.

I would be interested to know what, exactly, our representatives are doing, chapter and verse in fact, instead of having to listen to words and phrases from our Councillors which tell us nothing yet seemingly give the impression that much is being done on our behalf. More transparency is needed, and I dont mean the ability to see right through some of our elected representatives.

Graisg said...

Will it be twenty years until another post appears on the Liberal Democrat Nairn by-pass campaign site? Come on Danny, anything happening at your end?
Here it is anyway, last entry March 9th

Nairn said...

Much the same on Danny's web site, his last news item is dated January 2009.
I guess when there's no news, there's no news!
Folk just give up going to sites/blogs if they aren't updated on a regular basis