Monday, June 29, 2009

Brae Heart

It’s good to see that humour still exists with Nairn bookshop displaying a children’s book in their window that clearly relates to the scene outside the shop.
The disruption has been horrendous with one trader reporting that he has seen his passing trade fall away as folk either avoided the Brae or scuttled past the shops as fast as they could, no doubt the same is true for other businesses.
Autumn sees the next part of the work kick off which is in Gordon Street. Fun and games as that will mean all High Street traffic will have to be diverted up the newly refurbished Brae!
Update: I've been informed that the work on Gordon Street might well start directly after the Brae work is finished. Just watch for increased A96 congestion as traffic trying to turn right into the Brae to get to the High Street backs up on the A96.

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