Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday night press review

'It has not been a particularly good time for Highland Council whose planning department has been seen not so much with egg on its face as filling an omelette.'
Iain Bain tells it like it is in both the main article and the editorial. Available at the co-op now, why wait until tomorrow morning for your hit?


Anonymous said...

The NT coverage of the Sainsburys enquiry makes for depressing reading.

The main point I get from the coverage is that regardless of what the people of Nairn appear to want, Somerfield are doing their damnest to belittle that opinion as much as possible.

Graisg said...

Yes it left a bad taste in the mouth to see the team of Somerfield experts doing their best to achieve that. Their wages no doubt funded from the profits that that supermarket make from its captive Nairn audience. No wonder so many people have voted over the years with their cars and public transport to get to the nearest supermarket with a decent choice.
Fingers crossed for the just result.

nairnbairn said...

The Sainsburys' hearing has rightly taken over the front page in both the Nairnshire and the Gurn, as it's the current hot issue. Somerfield's dog-in-the-manger opposition deserves contempt, given their many years of shameful inaction.

Meanwhile the Deveron/Sandown issue still lurks, and is likely to resurface in one form or another.

Against that background, an eerily similar story is reported in the Forres Gazette, at .

Perhaps there is scope for Nairn and Forres residents to engage in a bit of mutual support and coordination and to compare notes on how to protect both towns from the threat of inappropriate development?

Anonymous said...

Yes Nairnbairn,Moray and Nairn Again.Lets go for it.

Graisg said...

Here's that link from Nairnbairn