Thursday, June 04, 2009

Retail Rocks!

An initiative in Scotland to get new businesses open on our high streets has the backing of Aberdeen Council for a pilot scheme. The project gives both money and support to people wishing to open a new venture and seems an excellent idea.
Hopefully other councils such as Highland will also back the ‘Retail Rocks!’ scheme which might help regenerate our high streets and also stem the effects of the recession. The Scotsman carries an article on the concept.


Jane Harkiss said...

That picture does not do it for me at all. For one it's all...kinda blueish. Looks like Croydon's Whitgift Centre, viewed after having consumed some mind-alterin drugs, and then - as if that wasn't enough for one night - unfortunatley becoming involved in a zombie takeover of croydon/the world - bit like Sean of the Dead, but without the happy ending?! Not nice, no. I envisage something much, much nicer. Oh yes..Don't you? XX

Jane Harkiss said...

But it can always be worse. I mean, Nairn could be taken over by a group of funny lookin' small minded zombies from nowhere in particular, whose only concern is in fact, themselves. Not to mention, eating brains, naturally - that's what zombies do, innit. Christ! I think I have finally succeeded in scaring myself. OOhh. That's a first.