Monday, June 01, 2009

Strawberry fields…

Their website may be a little out of date, but for Nairnites wanting a change from the shops in the High Street, Wester Hardmuir ‘Pick Your Own’ opened their farm shop for the season today (Usually stays open until around Christmas).
Strawberries were on sale and as the year progresses more food grown on the farm as well as other local produce will appear.
Not quite the market on the High Street that many folk have called for but as always a welcome addition for local food – now in their 22nd year!


Jane Harkiss said...

I am moved to say, that this lovely lady at wester hardmuir, was so very incredibly nice to me and my not so nice kids, when I had a wee accident there last year. She was so nice & helpful, I felt ashamed at causing her any bother. I am going to put the whole tale of my dislocated toe (my fault, entirely) into a story, and, might I add, 'tis only because I am a complete twat, and took me sandals off! one day. LET ME say that it was all me own fault and the peeps at Hardmuir went over the odds. Much appreciated. Phew xx

Loveless Holly said...

Pookie, are you a freak? I have a vision of you floating around with a free love dress on and stupid coloured shades.

Fancy a date??

Jane Harkiss said...

Depends what you mean by a freak. I am probably freakish, yep. I only wear black t shirts normally, and although I look cool in coloured shades, I prefer not to. I'm up for a date, so long as you are a man. Because I love men, you see.