Thursday, June 04, 2009

How nice not to see posters on the way to the polling booth

No posters hanging from the lamposts today, maybe a few politicians would be if they showed themselves in their constituencies but that's another matter on this day of European democracy. Yes, proof we are intelligent enough to make our own minds up without every lampost along the A96 through Nairn being adorned with party political colours. Wonder where all the activists have gone? Apart from the SNP that is - they were active in the town.
I thought perhaps you might enjoy the thoughts of An Donas and his/her take on the Euro elections with two articles. 'If drams were political parties' and 'Euro election or magnet for freaks?' Tocasaid is about uisge-bheatha: 'A whisky blog with dark political notes - the voice of reason with a mouth full of peat smoke/ Uisge-beatha is cuisean eile - guth cheartais is beul na mòna.'


Nairn said...

Was it just me or did the voting form for this election look as though you would need to fold it to get it to the booth for it was that long!

Jane Harkiss said...

I think they need to sex the whole thing up a bit, personally. The whole election deal is a bit of a a dead fish to most people. Maybe Justin Timberlake could do a video?