Tuesday, June 30, 2009

River dance

A busy evening in Nairn. The search and rescue helicopter from Lossiemouth was making a low sweep over the beaches and our Coastguards were also on alert.
A visiting rib came into the harbour for a brief visit and then set off in the direction of Cromarty.
In the river young people enjoyed a cooling dip as have many for generations, although several now sport wet suits to stay warm. Other folk were swimming in the sea, and fishing off the pier.
The occasional porpoise was seen in jumping the firth, and as the wind dropped the temperature rose and the sea turned glassy.
The harbour looks empty as some 15 Nairn boats have set off on their summer cruise, this year to Barra.
Both Nairnites and visitors took in the beautiful evening along the bankie (Will the new path ever be finished!)
A perfect summer evening

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