Monday, June 01, 2009

Bin here before! – Part II

AyeRight makes no apology for posting back to back on the subject of the overflowing bins.
Monday morning… Highland Council workers have emptied the great majority of bins at the harbour (One dog bin on the West pier has either filled again very quickly or been missed). Good news, but this action is a couple of days late, many bins were full on Saturday afternoon.
The harbour area is strewn with rubbish that has either been carelessly discarded or more likely blown away from the full bins.
On the East pier there is an emptied dog bin but below it a stack of rubbish that thoughtful people have at least carried back from the beach. You could argue that such action is only a half hearted effort and that to leave your old barbeque, beer cans etc by such a bin is irresponsible, but folk need to be encouraged not to litter and to my mind the very clear statement that this pile of rubbish says is that we need a proper bin or two at this spot.
The saddest image of the inadequate bins is our resident family of swans swimming and feeding in the river a few feet below this bin. You couldn’t wish for a more picturesque sight but clearly they have to eat with the spilled rubbish from the bin all around them. Can there be a more shameful picture?
Our beaches and harbour are tourist winners, if we are failing on a fundamental level to manage litter what chance does Nairn have?
We need a little more than a hoarding to cover this one up, we need action by our council, and we need it now!

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