Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bin here before!

As a beautiful sunny Sunday draws to a close, a familiar sight greets anyone who ventures to the harbour this evening. Not the swans and their signets, boats sailing, folk eating their chips, or boy racers burning rubber, no this is the regular overflowing bins.
I appreciate that money is tight for Highland Council and having someone empty the bins of a weekend might be too expensive, but how about more bins, or bigger bins, or even both?
Rubbish is now blowing into the harbour, is this really the image of Nairn that we want folk to see?


Graisg said...

Same over on the East Beach, most people have left their bags of rubbish at the dog shit bin. A few haven't bothered and just left it on the beach. Still piling up at 2015. All the bins in the new car park full too.
As most people are behaving, please help them out Highland Council!

bigholly said...

My bin is full at home....come on Highland council....

On the subject of bins, why is it that (As far as i know) no licensed premisis (I know i cant spell) recycle tins and bottles? Could the council not provide these at the pubs in the town. I drink about 20 bottles of cider every weekend and probably a bottle or 2 of vodka and wash it down with several tins of diet coke! All of this is getting taken to land fill.

growtosow said...

nothing new then? and it is the HC we are talking about same story never get it right rocket science i think not. but they do neeed a rocket. salty might tidy up for them.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful weekend we have had. Must be the busiest weekend for tearoom and ice cream outlets this year. Regarding the council they could have been racking it in i'm sure if they had managed to staff the putting green this afternoon. a lot of people disappointed including my family. we had gone down for a game of putting and couldnt have one. hopefully they will have someone there for the extra inservice day that all the local schools have tomorrow

Graisg said...

Another pic for students of Nairn rubbish on this 31st day of May 2009.

Unknown said...

It seems as though the local folk are trying to do the right thing. The trash bins do seem quite wimpy for that application. Larger bins would require less pickup service. Also keep the rubbish off the beach. I am glad to hear that your weather is good. We have been in a long sunny, warm strech here too. Another week or so beyond this is forecast. Thanks for keeping us up on pour favorite part of Scotland!

dr-grigor said...

whilst enjoying a lovely day down at the harbour, i stopped to speak to a retired couple admiring the new family of swans.
This couple had been coming to Nairn for 10 years and declared to me "we love Nairn but the only critisism we have is the eyesore of the building across from the bus station it doesnt paint a good picture of Nairn "
this really brought it home to me that this problem is real and its just not something that we are bloging about on the gurn.
We must take action now and save Nairn from anymore bad publicity !

Anonymous said...


The Star could recycle.

It would mean new bins and staff having to keep the rubbish separate.

Maybe you should start a campaign to make The Star the greenest hotel in Nairn?

It's a midden this morning said...

Hot weather was predicted and it's still with us, surely somebody could have been given a few extra hours over the weekend to go round the most likely litter spots?
If Highland Council can't even plan for something as simple as that then why on Earth are they still in existence.
Do councillor's expenses and allowances come before all else!!
Perhaps a private company would do better on keeping Nairn litter free!!

Anonymous said...

Re The Star

I'm surprised that Highland Council don't force commercial premises to recycle, after all they/we are trying to meet recycling targets .

Bigholly - I think you're spelling is awful good after 20 bottles of cider and a couple of vodka :)

Green Holly said...

To Anon @07:59am

The issue with getting pubs and clubs to recycle is all about Money. Pubs have to pay a large amount of cash to get their bins empty. As far as i am aware, if these places WANT to recycle, the council charge even more for uplifts. All about cash if you know what i mean.

red berries said...

‘Green’ Holly lol – like it

Yes recycling does cost money and is not for free. As a householder I pay council tax that covers my recycling, but businesses do have to pay an extra premium.

Would any business really be too mean to pay for recycling, or doesn’t the world matter if you have to pay for it?

Green tourism is big bucks, maybe The Star could cash in if it held green credentials?

the priory said...

"I drink about 20 bottles of cider every weekend and probably a bottle or 2 of vodka"

after admiting susan boyle last night... we have one bed left which we would like to offer to big holly for a spot of re-hab.

35ml drams for all pubs holly said...

Does the Priory have a bar? I am there!!!

I dont agree with anyone paying more than they have to for council tax etc but agree that the pubs clubs and indeed hotels should do more to help recycle. What really confuses me though is that Moray council, i am told, encourage householders to recycle glass as well by providing Orange bins. Is this true? if so then perhaps these should also be issued to householders.

Jane Harkiss said...

The only 2 sensible words I got out of all that, were 'cider' - not that pear shite, and 'vodka'. Any left, darlings, or have you sookedt it all up? Pxx