Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why we need ‘Visit Nairn’

As previously reported Visit Scotland has a woefully lacking content on their web page for Nairn, it wouldn’t be of any surprise if a potential tourist skipped Nairn after reading it to go on to find somewhere that had a little more happening.
By accident Visit Scotland also omitted Nairn from their ‘Freedom of the Highlands’ guide this year. All in all they are not doing very well when it comes to attracting tourists to our town.
Over at our world famous Boath House Hotel chef Charles Lockley has won the prestigious ‘Scottish Chef of the Year’ award. Anyone who has sampled Charles’ cooking will already know of the high standards he sets, to win this accolade is indeed a great achievement.
It would seem however that as Visit Scotland were not one of the sponsors of this award they do not want to make mention of it. To compound matters Boath House are no longer members of Visit Scotland (Can’t think as to why).
To have such an obvious attraction not promoted by a government funded tourist board is indeed shameful. Taking the mess that Visit Scotland have made of promoting Nairn you would have thought that it was the least they could do, this attraction would surely bring visitors to Nairn the whole year round?
In an article in
The Herald newspaper Don Matheson of Boath House is quoted as saying

"I think Visit Scotland's remit is to promote anything of worth in Scotland".

I wonder how Visit Scotland manage to argue against that one?

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Jane Harkiss said...

I think everyone should visit Nairn as the guys are thingy-bob caravan stylie! PX