Thursday, May 14, 2009

Newton Orchard Planning application thrown out?

Strong rumours are circulating in the town tonight that another controversial planning application has bit the dust, having been rejected by the Scottish Office Reporter. Sources close to the Suburban Community Council seem pretty confident about this. If this is indeed the case then it will be another great result for the community. Fingers crossed for written confirmation.
Nairn will grow yes, but let's decide for ourselves how that will be!


Jane Harkiss said...

Well this is strictly 'hush hush', but i do have a quite wonderful growth of the best asparagus tips ever. But of course, invitation only. XX

Anonymous said...

Yes - Indeed the appeal has been refused, but please don't try to give the credit to the suburban council.

Many residents of Manse Road have fought this battle financially as well as legally with dignity and without predjudice.

The help and support of the suburban council was very much appreciated and must not be underestimated, it is with their support and many other unnamed people as well

The Credit for this result goes to the authorities for their reasonable and proffessional judgement.

Manse Road objector...!