Friday, May 29, 2009

Worth every penny?

Details of our councillor’s salaries are now available. They are hardly in the same league as their Westminster colleagues for either pay or expenses, but are they giving us value for money in these austere times? The BBC has done some sums


Bill said...

Times are hard I agree, but I think that whilst some of our Westminster reps (not to mention our MEPs who seem to have been ignored by the spotlight so far), have been 'having a laugh' at our expense - and they are from all the major political parties - I think there is a danger of starting some kind off witch-hunt which will inhibit anyone with any talent from put themselves forward.

Some of my American oil-industry friends introduced me years ago to what was then a novel phrase to my ears: "You pay peanuts, you get monkeys". Although I've alluded over the years in my blog to the qualities of some of our councillors, amongst those with whom I happen to be acquainted, that ANY payment to them, given their personal qualities, is likely to be 'generous' on an objective 'value-for-money' basis. On the other hand there is a dearth of talented people willing to put themselves forward for election as councillors, so I suppose one is left to make the best of those who do offer themselves.

Anonymous said...

What about Job Evaluation Councillors..?

You have nothing to fear - have you?

Council staff have just been evaluated, many staff have to prove their worth by evaluation and the appeals process that follows..!

Go on I dare you - be evaluated - see if you are adequatly qualified to do your job..! or even over/under paid for what you do or don't as the case may be.

Or are you just elected to the post and doing the best you can under the party line mandate

If the process is fair for the staff then it would be fair to the salaried councillors surely...?


Graisg said...

Good idea, let's go for it but only if we get a chance to vote to elect the top officials too! After all sometimes you could be forgiven for thinking it is them that run the show.

Anonymous said...

But how many of the staff have got other jobs i wonder.Or does that not qualify.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:15

What do you mean?

A memeber of staff working for HC can't run a buisness unlike the councillors..!

and any staff having an extra job for a few hours probably need it to earn a livable wage.

Please don't get ordinary staff mixed up with top officials..!

There is no high wages or golden handshakes to ordinary frontline staff so please try to ellaborate more on what you mean.

Binmen, groundsmen, cleaning , cooking, buisness support, technical,clerk of works, building service inspectors,safety officers are some but a few that work for a wage well below the national average and have had pay cut from job evaluation...!

please don't be afraid to ask for more info, tell us more on who you are reffering to..!


Anonymous said...

At the present time they are lucky to have a bloody job,so stop your winjin,and get on with it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5.55

Ah! envy - thats your real issue is it, everyone is entitled to work, some for the Council, do you have a chip on your shoulder about folks keeping down a job paying below the average wage Council or otherwise..?

You will find that YOU were the winger - with your loose jibes about second jobs.

Clearly you are either unemployed which would be not very nice (Been there) or you are just a poorly educated individual that can't string a few words of defence together.

Either way you have naff all to add to a serious topic other than ignorant remarks.

God forbid I hope you get better soon.


Anonymous said...

Try the private sector ma loon.With an attitude like yours,you wouldn,t last five minutes.

Graisg said...

@anon 12.39

There's a salary and then expenses.
You can see what they all got here

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4.28

Well if you really knew me, you would also know that I am well kent in the town, born & bred and having run a well known a respected buisness for 30 years.

So yep, private sector is good, as is my attitude ,that seems to be lasting the five minutes and a wee bit more just fine..!

Anyway unlike yourself I am very gratefull for the public services that the frontline Council staff endeavour to perform, given their circumstances.

They are not claiming or recieving wages & expenses like the councillors.