Tuesday, May 19, 2009

'Nairn Matters' - New blog on the block

The Gurnmeister has for some time been urging campaigners with specialist knowledge to publish their material on the web. In the case of the recent Sandown Planning application speed was often of the essence.
Now there is a new blog on the block that will act as a specialist vehicle on planning, tourism and town centre development issues. It is long overdue and will enable instant publication of many important details when necessary. The blog states on the purpose of site page:

‘Through this site we wish to present our research on planning issues as a resource that may be of help to others. The site will also become a forum for local engagement and debate. You are welcome to contribute to that debate especially if you are a resident of Nairn, a developer or Highland Councillor.’
There we have it Gurnites, Nairn matters, a welcome and useful addition to the Nairn blogosphere and another venue for democratic expression for what the new blog calls the “people movement”

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Jane Harkiss said...

YES, but could they not just make it a wee bit sexier? This council speak is such a turn-off, and I am sure I'm not alone in thinking that.