Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Generous Parkdean?

Many Nairnites often overlook Parkdean as a tourist attraction, but thousands of visitors enjoy the Nairn facility each year.
We were saddened to read in the Nairnshire Telegraph this week that police are still investigating a ‘high value’ break in at the caravan park, which took place on the 7th/8th May.
The headline in The Nairnshire reads ‘Opportunist thefts – charity boxes’. We assume a headline mistake, for the Gurn understood that the ‘high value’ theft occurred from a rather uncharitable device, namely a cash machine at the park that charged £2 for each transaction. But maybe we are wrong and Parkdean residents are so generous that the high value theft was in fact from their loaded charity boxes!
We hope the culprits are apprehended soon, police are asking for anyone with any knowledge of the incident to contact them.


bigholly said...

£2 per withdrawl!! And i though $1.50 at Alliance and Leicester was over the top!!

Come up to the Star Hotel, if you run out of cash, i will run round to the CO-OP for you for a pound!! lol

Anonymous said...

a pound to see Big Holly run all the way to the coopie

a real bargain if you ask me