Friday, May 01, 2009

New lines

We received a serious Gurn, not even published yet and now not necessary, about how the lack of lines on Lodgehill Road had, for some considerable time, making the area dangerous for children - given inconsiderate parking etc. We sent a reporter up and wow, brand new yellow lines!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr line man now lets hope all the drivers take heed of them and the nice trafic warden implaments them.

Anonymous said...

No the lines are making no difference they are still parking there my children still have to duck out between cars.
Please send you camera up at 08:50 or 14:55 maybe if their photo was in the Gurn they may be shamed into parking further back, and maybe our parking warden might issue a ticket.
These people think that a single yellow line means you can park for a short while so for the unaware and the ignorant here is the official stance, straight from DVLA web site.
What do these yellow lines mean?
Single and double yellow lines indicate that parking restrictions are in place and no waiting is allowed. You can park on single yellow lines outside the hours of control, but you cannot park on double yellow lines at any time.

Both single and double yellow lines have the same restrictions for loading, unloading, picking up and dropping off passengers. Single and double yellow lines may also be accompanied by kerb markings, which indicate additional parking restrictions.

Please note that yellow lines apply from the centre of the road to the edge of the highway. This includes pavements and verges alongside the yellow lines. This means that you cannot park on the pavement or verge by a yellow line

Mrs Acre said...

Wouldn't it be terrible if parents and children had to walk to school. All kinds of things could happen such as them becoming fitter and healthier.

Anonymous said...

Hope it stops the numerous Chelsea Tractors that plague the area but it wont. These people think they can park anywhere - hope trusty Sandy makes his presence felt and moves them on before there is a serious accident.

growtosow said...

Albert Street is other road to look at for parking. we had to walk to school and it did us no harm.

Anonymous said...

Mr Girnmister please do not let this topic drop off the end of your page as to some this is a very important subject.
But not only that school the road from the acadamy and the road at rose bank are just as bad.

Graisg said...

Sorry Anon, there's only so much we can do. If you are worried about parking in this area then please contact the police and your local representitives.