Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Town Centre Regeneration Fund

The Town Centre Regeneration Fund publicised greatly by the Conservative party is now officially open to applications for a share of the £60 million.
The closing date for the first deadline is June 1st of this year. An application form with a complete set of instructions is available

What will the Fund support?
We will consider all capital activity. This might include for example:
Improving pedestrian or vehicle access to a town centre
Improving parking provision within a town centre
Attracting increased footfall, both by day and by night
Diversification of the mix of services and amenities within a town centre, underpinned by an understanding of the requirements of the local community
Acquisition of gap sites and vacant properties for redevelopment
Streetscape improvements which enhance and improve how a town centre operates, providing these are of sufficient scale and ambition to represent a capital investment
Remediation of vacant or derelict sites within the town centre to fit them for retail, residential, business or recreational use
Purchase of gap sites to allow for use as residential, retail, business or recreation
Remodelling of existing premises to provide a suitable mix and floorplan of retail, business, residential and recreational uses, or to comply with Disability Discrimination Act legislation

We will be looking for evidence that the investment is needed, and that it will contribute to long term strategic improvements to the town centre. Inclusion in local plans and evidence of the support of local partners will be important.

There is a lot that Nairn could apply for under those guidelines, but as has been mentioned before £60 million is not a lot of money shared across all the towns of Scotland, work to the Brae alone is £500,000!


growtosow said...

hope they do get some of this money. as you say the town centre does need it very sad all the buidings not being used not something we want long term as does nothing for our image. this is something that is long overdue and needs to be sorted out for all of us.

Graisg said...

Will the powers that be get their act together for Nairn over this? Are/can the Nairn businesses do something?