Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hamish on the 'Pathie'

I’ve noted that in the past two or so issues of the Gurn a reference to the work being done on the “pathie” and it occurred to me that many of the local townsfolk may not be aware that the bank on which the path has been laid is not a natural creation.

For a few years before the war most, if not all, of the bank from where it starts near to the harbour to the Marine Hotel cottages was the local “dump” for most of the rubbish collected by “scavvies” from households in the town. The rubbish was mostly ashes from coal fires ‘cos most of all other waste was either burnt or buried and that what could not be disposed of in either way e.g. rags, bones and scrap metal and the like was taken to Andy Williams scrap yard on the corner of King Street and Society Street for which a few pennies changed hands. Andy paid tuppence for a rabbit skin provided it was not too badly damaged. Shades of Steptoe and Son

The bank that encircles the cricket field from the “toorie” round towards the children’s play area was also created in the same way .

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Anonymous said...

Ach...! that would be why there are so many beer cans & bottles disposed of there - old habits die hard...!

What about the high street, was that a dump too or is that just a sign of recent times...!

tonge in cheek...!