Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nairn twins with Forres?

We’re not twinning as such but it seems problems with developers are also shared by one of Nairnites favourite shopping towns, Forres. The proposed out of town development is ringing the beginning of the death knell as far as some Forres High Street businesses are concerned, afraid that the new shopping centre will equal lost customers.
In ‘listening’ to residents the developers have changed their plans a little, but have also attached a stinging caveat with regard the proposed leisure centre. This weeks
Forres Gazette leader spells out the issues
Is it the case that all developers promise communities the earth and then gradually chisel away the good bits so they can maximise profits?
I hope the good folk of Forres manage to extract what they want, but just like the proposed Sainsbury’s in Nairn I have the feeling this is never going to be an entirely happy end game.

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nairnbairn said...

Don't know about twinning, but there's one comparison worth noting.

Forres has a single Community Council, which has been heavily engaged in the consultation with the developers. And because the folk of Forres realise that the development will have an impact on the whole of the town, and because the Community Council represents all the residents, that dialogue is substantive and the developers are having to take serious notice. A united Forres CC has some chance of exerting effective influence.

Compare this with Nairn. Riverside CC going AWOL over the original planning for the Maggot/Bridgemill flats. No Nairn West CC to address the Manse Road plans. An uphill battle by Nairn Suburban CC to engage with Deveron over Sandown.

Only with a combined single council does Nairn have a hope of shaping future development sensibly. For so long as representation remains divided, the town will suffer inappropriate development and urban blight.

Time to get a grip.... or maybe nairnbairn will flit and become "Forresident"!