Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Visit Scotland again

Visit Scotland is doing a lot for the Highlands according to a press release on the Highland Council web site today. A new document ‘Delivering for the Highlands’ appears to be the thrust of the new initiative from Visit Scotland.
With several Scottish groups withdrawing from Visit Scotland and deciding to do their own marketing are Visit Scotland making a concerted effort to help their members?
Let’s just hope that they remember Nairn and don’t have us down as being in Morayshire, as if they would!


Anonymous said...

This Visit Scotland "initiative" has the whiff of panic about it. It looks more like a desperate rearguard action.

After Glasgow city authorities, and some other significant Scottish destinations, decided to cease paying vast sums over to VS and to do their own marketing instead, VS is running scared that the Highlands will follow suit.

This looks like an attempt by VS to persuade the Highland Council to stay on board, on the grounds that VS offers good value for all the money the Council pays them.

Given recent experience I'm not sure the people of Nairn are persuaded. I wonder if Nairn's local elected representatives will be accurately conveying local opinion in the discussions in Inverness?

Jane Harkiss said...

Desperate rearguard actions? I had a few of those. and I would agree that it ain't nice.PX

Laura said...

The BBC has a pretty good single page about Nairn - well compared to the Visit Scotland one!!