Monday, April 27, 2009

Maggot stays on the agenda

This week's Nairnshire contains very strong letters calling for the retention of the name 'Maggot'. Rush out and buy your copy now and read the attack on the politically correct culture that demands such changes.

Meanwhile Murd writes:
I thought you might be interested in a few thoughts that add fuel to the ongoing discussion on the Maggot. The garage was on the left as you come off the bridge on the so called MAGGOT ROAD but my recollection is that it was just an entrance to the businesses and after the Slaughter house it was only a dirt track to the East beach and was not upgraded until about the 1970? Access to the caravan site was mainly by the bailey bridge. '


Anonymous said...

Before that road (track)was tarred,the only vehicles that used it were the "scaffie lorries"which were going to the dump,now the caravan site.

Hamish said...

I recall there being two garage repair workshops in the road leading off from the bridge. McRae & Dick's on the left and Tommy Grant's on the right. Opposite the shambles "waiting area" there was also a building which may have been stables with a hay loft over -I often hid in the loft when playing 'hide and seek' I think the "Scaffie's" horses may have been stabled there