Friday, April 17, 2009

Speed Traps

Much is made of bad roads, stretches of tarmac where a lot of accidents happen. There may be roads in poor condition, with sharp corners, or unexpected cambers but the reality is there are bad drivers, not roads.
In an attempt to make sure that we adhere to speed limits speed cameras are installed in various locations, or for those of us in the Highlands mobile cameras operate.
In order to give us warning of an impending speed check The Northern Safety Camera Partnership have a
web site where they publish details of their mobile speed camera locations.
Just as Police officers cannot hide behind trees with speed guns, it seems that we need to know where to expect to see speed cameras in the coming days, does this not defeat their purpose to some extent?


Jane Harkiss said...

Speed cameras cause more accidents than they prevent because: everyone slams the brakes at the last moment, instead of paying attention to the road. As with everything, we all have to be more responsible. Cant rely on dodgy cameras, only there to get a fine or two... Take it from 'one who knows...' Pookie (she who knows everything there is to know about everything there is to know xx

Caspar said...

In theory, having these cameras is to remind you that if you drive over the legal speed limit, you will be caught & fined, rather than to collect extra revenues by popping them somewhere there usually isn't one! If you stick to the limit, though, you shouldn't care, but by advertising that they move around, they can help ensure people do drive safely.

maggot said...

As a super commuter that travels the A96 And A82 regularly I can confirm that the 'safety' cameras are there to make make money pure and simple. If they are not out to make money then why put them at at all the SAFE overtaking stretches of road?

Steve Limit said...

The safety cameras actually cost money to run (See their website).
There are no SAFE stretches of road for overtaking, doing so is always a risk.
I too commute and am always amazed when reaching the outskirts of Inverness to see the cars that have overtaken me just a few yards in front, yet they have risked their lives and other peoples to gain that supposed advantage.
If nothing else speed cameras act as a reminder of the speed limit, sad to see how many of us only heed the law when our pocket might get hit!

Maggot said...

Steve Limit said...
"There are no SAFE stretches of road for overtaking, doing so is always a risk."

Of course there is SAFE overtaking stretches of road. When you can clearly see far enough to check there is no oncoming traffic coming towards you, no side roads, no hidden dips etc. But then just before you make your manoeuvre there it is, the Safety Camera Van pointing its photographic contraption at you. So you don't overtake the vehicle in front doing 45mph just in case you creep over the national speed limit. Then what? I know, overtake where it is not safe because you couldn't when the infernal photographic contraption was monitoring your every MPH!

Anonymous said...

The maggot is right, these safe areas of road are called crawler lanes or dual carriageways.
Not too many of them about though, mind you not many speed traps either!

Anonymous said...

I too am a super commuter and do over 40,000 miles per year on Scotlands roads. The quote " as policemen cannot hide behind trees" is nonsense. On two recent occasions I have come across police speed traps in very dodgy locations. One was during the last heavy snow falls and the white van was parked in a layby near Carrbridge on the A9. The van was almost invisible against the snow.
The other was on the A90 near Inchture when the van was up a lane completely out of sight and the 2 officers with their speed gun were standing in front of a dark wall which gave them almost complete cover.
I consider myself a safe driver but agree with maggot that revenue is the top priority with safety the 'excuse'.

Steve Pills said...

Dearie me,

It would seem the argument is taking the tack that if a police officer happens to be at the scene of a crime (Breaking the speed limit is against the law), then the police officer has to make sure that the possible offender knows that s/he is watching them and recording their actions, to which some folk apparently feel aggrieved!
I can just imagine how this might work in other police operations.
‘Excuse me sir, (Police officer standing in the shadows) but were you intent on using that brick you are holding for house breaking, I have to warn you that I am stood here and noting your actions’.

Most of us have certain laws which we object to but for some reason speeding seems to be almost universally OK’d by many motorists (Only on SAFE roads though!)

Anonymous said...

Agree with Steve & Caspar, if you weren't speeding you wouldn't get a fine! I also think that the police should be allowed to hide!