Friday, April 10, 2009

Visit Nairn (Closed)

The swimming pool is closed and but for a change in signage a tourist might have been forgiven for thinking that our High Street as well as the Brae were closed as of Monday. The bankie footpath was closed (Now open – sort of). The slipway at the harbour is closed, and of course the Bailey bridge is still closed.
Many shops on the High Street are… closed.
There is near gridlock as the A96 snakes its way past a closed church, a closed cinema, a closed bus garage, a closed petrol station, a closed Police Station (Being demolished), and a closed community centre.
This is the sort of town you would really want to visit; no wonder the brochure for our visitors contains pictures of other places!


Easter bunny said...

Library - closed for Easter

County fan said...

On a positive note, Station Park is open for business! Big game for County against 'Eee Weekers' today.