Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rock Nairn

A little known Nairn delicacy is that of Nairn rock. Usually just the choice of holidaymakers the rock makes a fine sweet sook for anyone of that persuasion. Available in candy stripes with the wording Nairn cut through the middle, the rock is very distinctive. The taste is a smooth, arrogant peppermint. It will totally engage with your teeth, so much so that you might need to seek a dentist should you decide to crunch.
Production quality seems pretty good, with a uniform cellophane wrapper and a neat paper insert ‘A souvenir from Nairn’.
Nairn rock has been gently pushing itself out across quality outlets in the High Street.
Why not rock out this Easter with your very own stick, give Nairn rock the break it deserves!

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