Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get Healthy, Get inside a hotel, and Go for it?

In an Easter weekend that seemed to see the commercial side of Nairn mainly closed, and the only action was that of being chased by a council lawnmower, it is perhaps refreshing to see that The List has other ideas about Nairn that maybe Nairnites have missed?

‘Where better to discover Scotland’s fantastic adventure offering with an action-packed break to the fascinating coastal town of Nairn, in the Scottish Highlands?’

Reading the blurb on The List it seems that most of the ‘action’ is within the grounds of the Golf View hotel where you can go to the gym, swim, and have a game of tennis, and if you are knackered after all that, take a sauna, go to the steam room, or take a spa bath. The only other ‘action’ mentioned in Nairn is a trip to the Culbin forest, where you can walk, bike, and spot wildlife, but maybe you will have fallen asleep in the spa bath.

The List is promoting Visit Scotland’s Adventure Pass. Regrettably a quick perusal suggests there is nothing in Nairn included; just have to make do with the Golf View then?


nairnbairn said...

Is this another example of VisitScotland's incoherence?

At the recent meeting of the Nairn Ward Forum on Tourism the VS representative was berated by furious local subscribing members for his organisation's failure to include a section on Nairn in the current "Freedom of the Highlands" marketing brochure (while it printed the Inverness text twice!)

Mr Armstrong grovelled. But no indication that those responsible would be fired... just an assurance that VS would try to do better.

So is this latest publicity (which outlets like The List must have obtained from VS) an attempt by VS to placate Nairn's anger?

They may have tapped into the Crerar/Golf View marketing literature for the text. But if so, it is both unimaginative and a bit of an empty gesture, since the linked VS Adventure Pass pages, maps and details offer precisely zero information, zero publicity, and zero offers relating to Nairn and its attractions.

"With friends like these...."

Anonymous said...

who cares, let's do our own thing!

Jane Harkiss said...

Falling asleep in a spa bath? Sounds like my idea of Nirvana, baby!!

Jane Harkiss said...

I have been very, very unhealthy inside many hotels, and I have very definately gone for it. Nothing wrong with that, is there?