Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weather wherever

Weather is an emotive subject for most folk, and like politics everyone has an opinion, it often forms part of our greeting process when meeting folk, ‘nice day again’.
But over at Landmark at Carrbridge manager Danny Fullerton is far from happy with the BBC efforts who he reckons often forecast poor weather for the area when the opposite is true, this he thinks effects the number or tourists who come to the
As an increasing number of visitors use the Internet to plan their holidays or days out, is Nairn also being affected by poor weather forecasts? A potential visitor might see the predicted forecast as being fairly driech for Nairn and head elsewhere when it might be a perfectly nice day here. Another problem for weather accuracy for Nairn is that the nearest weather station that the BBC uses is at Cromarty, and as Nairnites know it can be a bonny day here whilst the Black Isle looks… well black!
As long as our potential visitors don’t go to the Nairn section of the Visit Scotland website and then look at the weather forecast we will hopefully still get some visiting tourists!

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