Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What’s On?

The Gurn team missed the duck race last Saturday. We all agreed we had caught sight of the announcement for the event in The Nairnshire Telegraph some weeks back, but had forgotten to write it into our electronic, always synchronised, never miss a date, sometimes crashes, on-line diaries. Next year we are promising ourselves one of those paper type calendars that you just pin on the wall and write dates into, we hear they’re pretty good these days.
Meanwhile if you have a community event you would like to draw to the attention of the masses, the Gurn is please to announce a ‘What’s on’ section (See button in side bar). 
This is a free service, although you are welcome to hit the Gurn ‘donate’ button and help us save up for some paper diaries and pear cider.
As you may see the section is currently about as sparse as Visit Scotland’s page of events for Nairn, but hopefully the Gurn ‘What’s on’ will begin to fill.
Please email any events you would like us to consider for inclusion in this section to: gurnwhatson@googlemail.com

Many thanks

The Gurn Team

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