Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Tittle Tattle Times hits the streets

There's a new blog in town Gurnites. Overwhelmed by the sensational success of her horrorscope feature on the Gurn, Pookie Candelabra, has decided to take the simple but big step of going it alone in the Nairn blogosphere and the team at the Gurn wish her well. Sensational stuff, ranging from good seagull recipies (Seagull à trois), a retired porn star and other features. What tickled the Gurnmeister most of all was the article in which Pookie reminisces about her own mis-spent youth and compares it with how most of today's youth go about their business:
'Ah, happy days indeed! And how sad to see the so-called 'future generation', whiling away their precious hours, engaged in pointless, self-destructive and downright soul-sucking activities such as 'revision', 'sport', 'voluntary work', ’Saving up to buy a house’!!!'
Get over to the Tittle Tattle Times and enjoy yourselves folks, don't forget to put it in your favourites and blogfeeds.

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Jane Harkiss said...

All abuse and offensive comments gladly received. Feel free to vent your spleen. I will thrive on your venom...
Pookie Van Damme - Candelabra
Yes! I have just married jean-claude. What a guy!