Thursday, April 09, 2009

The High Street closing for business on Monday?

It seems this sign is causing consternation amongst traders on the High Street. It is after all only the Brae that is to be closed on Monday, to the best of the Gurn's knowledge. Apparently the sign will be changed tomorrow but in the meantime thousands of drivers will have read this information. Thanks to Iain Fairweather for the picture.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is the whole High Street that is closing and Nairnites will just have to shop in Forres or Inverness. Wait a minute... aren't most of us doing that already?!

Forres Bound said...

Yip!,and from Monday there will probably be a lot more.

Anonymous said...

Or, 'Meet the locals, go to Tesco Inverness or Forres!'

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people noticed the recent news reports that Inverness businesses affected by the "Streetscape" works there had secured a 10% reduction in their rates from the Highland Council.

The shops on the Brae in Nairn are suffering a similar problem, made worse by the Council's failure to sort out the repaving contract in time for the work to be completed before the Easter period.

I don't recall hearing that the Association of Nairn Businesses had successfully negotiated a similar rates reduction for the Brae shops. Another missed opportunity?