Sunday, April 19, 2009

North Sea Gas

Folkie fan writes to the Gurn:
'IT must be nearly 20 years ago in my miss-spent youth when I first heard the folk group North Sea Gas perform at the Braeval Hotel.
I have a vague recollection of leaving the pub in the we sma' hours and taking a tumble over Bunker's Brae in my smart new hand knitted (folkie) pullover.
Woke up in the morning with my lovely new jumper clarted in mud, and a thick head to boot.
A bit older and wiser now the knitted jumper has gone and so have the hangovers.
On Saturday night (Aug. 18) I was in the audience at the Royal British Legion where NSG were top of the bill.
It wasn't a full house but the lads had the hall bouncing as they ripped through their fantastic repertoire including many traditional folk songs, ballads and to the delight I think of some some former oil rig construction workers "The Kishorn Commandos" a great tale about life in the wild west during the halcyon days of the rig construction industry.
It was hand clapping feet stomping stuff from start to finish, and at times the demands placed on the audience were as great the energy and enthusiasm of this dynamic trio who continue to thrill audiences with their brand of traditional folk music around the globe.
At £6 a ticket it was fantastic value. Pity there were more bums on seats but I hear there could be an opportunity again to hear NSG perform at Nairn.
If this happens. take my advice, snap up a ticket. They're fantastic value. Well done to the band and well done to the local organisers who managed to bring them to Nairn. FOLKIE FAN.'

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