Saturday, April 04, 2009

Shoe bombers

As highlighted by the Newsbleat blog, DE Shoes in Nairn High Street have a very questionable window display for Easter. This features hybrid bear/rabbit soft toys adorned with eggs, daffodils, chickens (Traditional Easter icons) but wearing guns and with grenades strapped onto them as though they were suicide bombers.
When a member of the shop staff was asked what the display was supposed to be, she said that it was just in the men’s window and is supposed to be macho and a bit of fun.
Clearly anyone agreeing with DE Shoes take on terrorists should rush in and get a pair of macho shoes; after all it’s just a bit of a laugh, isn’t it?


Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sake take a chill pill..
Do soldiers not carry guns and grenades! does that make then terrorist bombers!,
So they staff thought it funny to have a macho bunny, big deal! get it in perspective! it will soon be a person cant fart without someone running screaming its the end of the world!

Iain said...

I wonder if they anticipated an entry in a new Book & Arts Festival competition: ‘Spot the Stranger’. You are encouraged to spot the most unlikely and unrepresentative object which sits in each shop window. A bath duck in the hairdresser, a teapot in the travel agent: see what we have done. You could win a prize!

Anonymous said...

In the present economic climate it is refreshing to see a sense of humour prevail. DE Shoes recently refurbised shop always tries to add a bit of colour to the high st and some of the displays are very eyecatching if a bit edgy at times. The theme of this particular display was the "Revenge of the Easter Bunny" or the hunted turns hunter. An underlying theme is the moustacheod Retail Operations Manager who has a sweet tooth and has been known to make off with any chocolate not nailled down!! The Summer window will be done soon. Watch this space!!

Anonymous said...

Oh for goodness sake! They are just meant to be a bit of fun,and the staff put a lot of work into making the displays eyecatching (and you, dad!). If you can really see terrorist threats in a shoeshop window, you live in a pretty paranoid world. We are looking forward to seeing what happens next to the Moustacheod One (who incidentally cannot spell)! Long live a sense of humour, and I hope it can prove contagious!