Monday, April 13, 2009

Driving miss crazy

As the sun burnt off the morning haar, tourists and visitors descended upon the attractions in Nairn that were still open this Easter Monday, namely a walk along the bankie and onto the beach.
All was quiet and serine until Highland Council arrived on the scene in the form of a tractor and a mower. It seemed that the grass growing on the bankie, the parkie, and the links had reached a dangerous length and just had to be cut no matter what, to add to the urgency a few daises had managed to push their heads into the sunshine, clearly a scenic disaster waiting to happen. Tourists stirred from their slumbers as the mighty council machines roared by, disturbing the tranquil peace of a holiday Monday. Others leapt out of the way as the mower and tractor approached the bit of grass they happened to be standing on.
Maybe it was a Highland gathering of grass cutting machines and the hundreds of folk on the bankie and the beaches had chosen to come through to Nairn to see the spectacle, but I doubt it, more likely to be a superb piece of planning on behalf of some council official.
‘How can we make Nairn more attractive to visitors this Easter? Lets shut as many things as we can and put visitors in fear of their lives as we tear up and down mowing the grass’.
Hopefully the two folk cutting the grass will have been on overtime, at least they will have had a lucrative Easter Monday whilst everyone else suffered
Happy Easter Highland Council, good to see that as ever you know what you’re doing!

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