Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Revolution starts today!

This is not an April the 2nd joke! The Gurn has received this comment on another thread:

'I've been in talks with Iain at visit.nairn and he shares my feelings about kick-starting some action instead of words in Nairn. I was also a voice, all be it a Yorkshire accented one, at the ward forum on tourism the other week. I am looking for other 'excited' Nairn folk to help make things happen instead of debating them for all time. If you are such a person drop me your details, the revolution starts today!!'
For details of how to contact Jon you'll have to read the Counting your chickens thread.
Long live the People's Revolutionary Tourism Movement for the Liberation of Nairn! Aux barricades citoyens! And we'll build those barricades with the mountains of Visit Scotland literature that mention Inverness twice and Nairn not at all.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you know,us Nairn folks never get excited.

Anonymous said...

Ok let's take over then but can you wait until I get back from Tesco this evening.