Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Help my High, in at number 4 - It's Nairn

Iright was recently examining the modus operandi of the plethora of Tory campaign sites including Brian too has posted an article asking if the initiative is a waste of time. Well it seems it has in a way obtained a little bit of publicity for the plight of Nairn’s town centre. The BBC has published a list of towns that received nominations for help. Nairn came fourth behind Lockerbie, Kilbirnie and Selkirk.

to the BBC:
Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie said she hoped the list could be used to help allocate national funds to assist regeneration.
She said: "Every response that was made to will be presented to the Scottish Government.
"It is then up to the First Minister and his team to decide where the money goes but I shall be pressing for a procedure which is simple, direct and transparent."

Let’s hope the SNP need the Tories to get a few votes through in the near future, that just might mean those towns on the list get a bit of dosh?

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