Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brae Start

Highland Council have today published full details of the work involved in the first stage of the ‘Streetscaping’ of the Brae. Details of the proposed work have already been posted in the Gurn, and drawn several comments
Today’s Nairshire Telegraph also carries an article with comments from some shopkeepers who’s businesses will be affected, unsurprisingly none are very happy about the work which is now starting at the beginning of the tourist season, especially those that rely on passing trade. It seems a late tender notice is the reason for the delay in the work starting. A meeting is scheduled for businesses tomorrow in the Courthouse.
The whole project has been one of controversy from the very beginning with many Nairnites not very happy about the proposed makeover.
It would no-doubt make just too much sense for stage one of the project to be postponed further and joined to the second stage of the Streetscape which is pencilled in for the autumn of this year, or do we think our tourists will really enjoy the ensuing disruption to the town?

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growtosow said...

i think we will have to wait and see on that one. it is a shame about the shopkeepers as hard to get folk in at the best of times. i wonder will they get the same deal on rates that inverness got when their work was done? i would like to think so. also the brae is just one part of our town what about the rest?old regal old bus garage to name but a few.