Monday, March 30, 2009

Not a gull in sight

As reported in the Gurn, seagulls are making it impossible for staff and pupils at Millbank School to eat outside.
The story has been picked up by the BBC’s
CBBC channel who sent a reporter to investigate the problem.
Hardly a seagull in sight for the whole report, maybe with the lack of food in the playground they have moved elsewhere?


jayteescot1 said...

Interesting you should mention gulls today. I happened to see one flying over my street from the direction of the sea with a small crab in it's beak.
Also they are pairing up and starting to prepare nests at this time.

However as for the food issue, i also watched a man eating a fish supper on the riverside today and as soon as he appeared about a dozen gulls circled above.
They are well used to spotting food from a great distance, especially polystyrene fish and chip containers, white carrier bags and anything that is an obvious "come and get it" food signal !

After the chap finished his fish n chips he dutifully walked up to the cast iron litter bin at merryton bridge and disposed of the paper and container. When he walked away 2 gulls landed on the bin and proceeded to systematically tear the wrappings out of bin ! Yet another reason for maybe getting tamper proof bins throughout the town ?

As a matter of interest i have a photo display in the library at the mo, and you can see gulls eating a variety of food which they are very adept at catching .

growtosow said...

salty the seagull is very good at getting food out of bins and perhaps better bins would work. but some folk still feed them.