Friday, March 20, 2009

Watch out, an army’s about!

The BBC reports that an army is planning a night march upon Nairn. Residents may however rest easy in their beds, as this is a reenactment of the night march that took place on April 15th 1746. This was when forces led by Bonnie Prince Charlie planned a night time attack upon Government forces that were camped near Nairn. The march never made it with forces returning to Culloden, but has become one of the ‘what ifs’ of history

“ It's one of the great 'what ifs' of history - what if the Jacobites had pressed on? ”

Dr Pollard, a Battlefield archaeologist will be leading the group this April. The original soldiers had to get across moorland, but in 2009 the reenactment march will also face a railway line and roads!
The walk will also be in aid of Erskine, a charity that provides care for for ex-servicemen and women, and is supported by the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology.

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