Thursday, March 26, 2009

More on Visit Scotland's failure to mention Nairn

As mentioned in the previous article Visit Scotland apologised last night for missing Nairn out of the Freedom of the Highlands 09 accomodation guide. Not only did they miss Nairn out however, they put in the details for Inverness twice. Once above the picture of Nairn beach and also on the opposing page. We do rate a small sentence on the initial description of the section Inverness, Nairn and Loch Ness but apart from that anyone reading this brochure would have extreme difficulty discovering further information. Proof, if more were needed, that Nairn really has to stand up on its own two feet and fight for itself. We can't rely on anyone else to do it for us, even to do the simple task of proof reading a major glossy brochure to see that we appear in it as is our right. What a miserable failure by visit Scotland. You can get a copy of this brochure yourself from Nairn Library. Pages 62 and 63 are where we should be mentioned but instead is where Inverness comes out of it rather well.

The pages where the mistake was made.


Nairn said...
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Nairn said...

If Nairn did go it alone it would be in very good company - go to:

At least if 'we' were in charge we just might manage to get ourselves in our own brochure!

Visit Scotland need to revisit themselves and then come back with some new initiatives, meanwhile declare independence