Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exclusive: The shopping list of our leading citizen

Provost Liz has been suspicious for sometime that shopping in Nairn's one and only 'supermarket' can be an expensive experience. Here are the figures from a wee experiment she tried in comparing the price of a basket of 'bare essentials' in our one and only Somerfield and then looking at the same goods along the road in Forres at Lidl and Tesco. It just goes to show that Somerfield badly need serious competition.
And as far as the proposed town centre supermarket redevelopment plan goes, the Provost thinks it is time to give up the present plan and come up with something new. She told tonight's meeting of the River Community Council that Highland Council's inquiries to the Co-op as to their intention for the Somerfield store were being 'fobbed off'. Up to now it had seemed that the Trunk Roads Authority were holding things up but this even the Provost told the community councilt that it was infact Somerfield that had not submitted information to the Authority. She further told the meeting that the Co-op were not obliged to go ahead with the scheme.
It certainly looks like the whole project is going nowhere fast and the buildings that have been scheduled for demolition could be with us for a long time yet. Maybe they could be used for something if they are not likely to be knocked down in the near future.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find Lydll either :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Liz, but I do not know where you find time to go round comparing Prices but good for you.
As for the old buildings being used I fully agree put them to use.
Lets turn the Regal back into a night club as Nairn badly needs some night life away from the Bermuda triangle.
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Really official looking shopping list,usually scribble mine on the back of a Twenty Pound note.Dream ON!

good2blether said...

Here is my alternative shopping list for Nairn:

(1) New Academy - fit for purpose
(2) New Jobs/Employment in the area - especially for the young people about to leave school.
(3) New Town Centre Supermarket - to strengthen and support the viability of the town centre.
(4) New Bypass - to suit strategic traffic and remove the current barriers for local journeys.
(5) New affordable houses
(6) New bridge across the river at the harbour
(7) Re-open the Fishertown Post Office

Anonymous said...

Try using mysupermarket.co.uk
From my survey of essential items it would appear that Sainsburys is around 10% more expensive than Tesco and Asda. I am all for competition but if you are expecting Sainsburys to be the answers to your prayers you are sadly mistaken.

Unknown said...

Good to know someone in as much power as the provost, spells Lidl, Lydll. Congrats, your doing Nairn proud.

Anonymous said...

Matthew,“You’re” is always a contraction of “you are.

Anonymous said...

I see that spelling was not one of the tests that had to be passed to become a councillor!! Lidl is the correct spelling!!