Saturday, March 28, 2009

A strong whiff of Diesel: update

The Gurn has now learned that the pollution came from a motor-boat moored on the slipway and was as a direct or indirect result of the recent gales moving the vessel. Anyway the cause of the pollution is academic now as throughout the morning one of the swans has been going about its business in a harbour that is still contaminated with diesel. Let's hope the concentration of the fuel is not high enough to harm the bird. The boom is obviously totally inadequate and the pollution from the slipway area (harmful/or not) is still escaping into the harbour.
Nairn has an active harbour and unfortunately accidents can and will happen but the question for the authorities is could this pollution incident have been prevented? In the meantime, how much longer will the smell of diesel hang over the harbour, can the authorities do more to prevent possible harm to wildlife?
The futility of the anti-pollution boom presently in the harbour can be seen in this picture.


Diesel Dan said...

Super High Tech equipment,looks very similar to a large Squeezy Liquid Bottle.Standard Issue I wonder?

Picture Caption said...

'Nessie captured in Nairn Harbour'