Friday, March 27, 2009

A strong whiff of diesel in the air

Word on the street is that there was some sort of diesel spill in the slipway area down at the harbour yesterday. Towards late afternoon the Gurnmeister witnessed a large amount of activity in that area, obviously Highland Council had committed a lot of resources to the clean up effort and an oil boom was in place.
The above pictures are from this evening, the boom is still in situ but traces of diesel are easily getting past the boom. As we know from a previous incident however, a little diesel can look like a lot and hopefully with the river in spate and the wind blowing strongly what is still left will soon dissipate and no harm will come to the local wildlife.
Pictures will enlarge.


Graisg said...

@ The answer, thanks very much but that isn't so good coming from an anon source. Would you please e-mail the gurn with contact details, your anonymity would be preserved.

Anonymous said...

As can be seen from the Gurn picture the boom is serving no purpose and offering no protection. The diesel is not being contained and is going over the top and round the side of the boom The puny environmental protection efforts are a joke!